Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System

A biometric time and attendance system is a time clock that tracks some unique physical characteristic of each employee when they clock in or out. There are many types of biometric data and biometric time clocks. Biometric data can comprise vascular patterns, fingerprints, iris patterns and voice recognition. A fingerprint time clock requires employees by a fingerprint previously stored in your system. A worker places a finger on the device’s fingerprint scanner to unlock the system for employee time tracking. However, his or her finger must be clean in order for the device to register a reading. On many construction job sites, this isn’t possible.

Facial recognition is a biometric system that uses artificial intelligence to match an employee’s face with a photo. This requires a significant investment by the company or ownership in a late phone model for all employees.

Regardless of which method is used, biometrics cannot be forged or faked, which makes it a foolproof method for accurately tracking your employees’ time.

A biometric time clock’s biggest benefit is the ability to eliminate buddy punching and ensure employees are who they say they are when they clock in remotely—giving employers absolute certainty about who is in attendance at a given point. Each time a worker clocks in and out with our ExakTime Mobile time clock app, the FaceFront Biometrics feature uses the front-facing camera on their smartphone or tablet to snap a photo. These photos are automatically attached to the worker’s timestamps within ExakTime Connect, our web-based time clock software. The ease of this system, that works with the simple technology of a phone and doesn’t require squeaky-clean hands, puts other construction biometric time clocks to shame.

Construction-Friendly Biometrics Time Attendance

Biometrics time attendance are great for most industries, but construction has proven tricky because of grimy hands, wet weather, no electricity all of these get in the way of traditional biometrics devices at outdoor work sites. Plus, many unions object to the collection of common biometric data.

Biometric Timekeeping

Image result for what is biometric time attendance Biometric employee time clocks identify employees and track their work hours. ... Some employee timekeeping apps have biometric capability. Because of this, it allows employees to clock in from a mobile device. In addition, biometric clocks can sync with employee time and attendance software.